I’ve started doing daygame. Since my wingman hit me up and told me about the possibilities of promoting I’ve been hooked. It sounds like exactly the type of thing that fits me: making money doing something awesome that 98% of guys would be too pussy to even consider. So yesterday was the first day and it went well. We’re in Washington Square Park in NYC and it’s a beautiful day. Very cute girl sitting on the bench typing on her Mac. I sit down next to her, start talking but I get blown out pretty quick because she’s working on a project. I ask a stupid question and she puts her earphones back in.

So I open another, and another, and another, and at some point I lose track. My wingman opens too. Our objective is more than just getting laid though. Of course getting laid is on the table, but our primary goal is to only open attractive women and to get them to come to the club with us. So in the last two days I’ve talked to more “gorgeous” women than I have in the last month. Today I also number closed my first model and I think it’s solid.

Thoughts on daygame. For me the primary problem is logistics. Girls are walking away, girls are on their phones, girls are not 21, girls leave the set quickly because they’re going somewhere. The approaching is not that hard, and arguably easier than a nightclub because I don’t have to be high energy and woo woo. Also girls tend to be alone so that makes it easier. Also the quality of women is higher since I only go to high end night clubs once, maybe twice a week.

Like anything else it’s a numbers game too. In the last two days I’ve done maybe a dozen sets and I got two numbers. One I believe is solid, one is probably a flake. If we keep this up, and keep getting better at it, figure that’s five numbers a week, twenty numbers in a month, that’s forty numbers a month between the two of us. Plus whatever we get from night game. So I can see how this starts to add up and we can start getting more girls to come out with us. Should be exciting. And day game is just day game, I don’t know why dudes make a big deal of it. I think night game is more fun.


-I’ve number closed a model, I’m celebrating by doing more approaches on even more models.
-Day game is great exercise, we must have walked two miles today.
-If I can get two numbers a day instead of one this whole thing will go so much quicker.
-Cuter girls are generally more receptive to a good approach. They probably get hit on less because most men are pussies.