Yesterday was more daygame and my biggest regret is that I didn’t open more sets. Me and my wingman have the stated goal of only getting numbers from eights and above. The problem is that there just aren’t that many eights hanging around and by waiting for them we lose momentum. But there are plenty of cute sevens who I would gladly spend a night with. So as we do this in the future I’m going to be less picky about what I open. After all we can always choose to only invite out the eights on the weekends, and I can invite out sevens on the weeknights.

I already mentioned I got a model’s number, that was good. The next best set was as very attractive girl sitting on the bench, bitch face on, headphones in, looking at her phone. Basically unlimited reasons to not approach. I say fuck all that, go up and open her. It lasted 15 seconds and I was thoroughly blown off. Don’t care. I pushed past all the “reasons” for not approaching and did it anyways. Man up homie. Also, worth noting that headphones are not an issue, we’re opening regardless. If you don’t you would have to pass up half of the sets.

Today it’s back to night game, going to a new club I’ve never been to before. Psyched.


-Definitely going to open more during our next day game session.
-I always, always give myself mad props for approaching the tough sets, regardless of what the outcome is.
-Fuck getting one or two numbers. If we’re out for two hours I want a minimum of five numbers. Now that will add up quickly.
-Day game, night game, talking to girls is talking to girls.