Tonight I paid $40 to get into the club. Fucking crazy, but I learned a $40 lesson. I saw exemplified before my eyes what the comped table / bottles on bottles / promoter culture is. This place has something like a dozen tables, maybe even more. It seems like at least half of the tables are run by promoters who don’t pay for shit. The other half of the tables are reserved for sad looking white guys who don’t seem to be having as much fun as they thought they would when they paid, whatever, like $400 for a $50 bottle of vodka and $5 worth of cranberry juice.

Another lesson. Thirty minutes into the night I had done one approach and was stifled and not having fun and feeling too logical. I said fuck that and went on an approach spree of about eight girls in five minutes. It was fucking brilliant and I felt great. It was the best game I’ve ever done not in terms of success, but in terms of willing myself to bring the party, approach, and bust out of a shit mood. Then it started to collapse and I never got it back.

That being said, it’s is a fun club to party and easily one of the worst venues, if not the worst, to approach and meet girls in that I’ve ever been to. 80% of the attractive women are at a table with a promoter or some rich guy and they have no fucking motivation to talk to some 24 year old with OK game. These girls can go home with some millionaire with OK game, why would they choose me? On top of that the club is in a basement, it’s loud as fuck and there is no chill area to talk. So your game has to be high energy, calibrated physical, not dependent on talking, and so forth. Legit the hardest venue I’ve ever been to. Still a fun night though, I really do enjoy partying in NYC.


-I got myself hyped up and literally forced myself to have fun last night. That was super awesome! I wish it lasted longer than like 20 or 30 minutes, but what can I do. In six months it probably will.
-Being a promoter looks like fun, but I honestly think it would get old as shit awfully quick. Still, that’s not a reason to not work towards the goal. Sour grapes policy.
-Learning game has got to be the biggest ego destruction device ever conceived by mortal man.
-Never leave home without ear protection.