Brooklyn last night and I approached everything. To such a point that I can still remember one set that I didn’t approach because that was the exception, not the norm. The 25 or so that I did approach are a little less clear, but some notable girls stand out. Two girls at the bar and I open with something retarded. One kind of dismisses me but the other starts talking to me and telling me that I’m interesting. I kiss her in less than 30 seconds but we don’t makeout. She seems sort of surprised, sort of not sure what to do. The set dies quickly afterwards, I should have tried to move her.

Another set with three very tell, cute Dutch girls. I talk to mine for a while and I think it’s going fairly good but her friends pull her away. But it was super, super weak what I did. I didn’t try to talk to the friends or get her number or literally do anything but stand there like a herb. In terms of attraction my best set of the night happened towards the end. A girl called something or other and I open by walking up and saying “Hey, I was an English teacher in Russia… I was…. God damn awful at it!” They’re like “Is that your pickup line?” and I say “No… That’s called a story. A pickup line would be me saying you have a nice necklace.” So her friends leave and I end up talking to this girl and I can tell she’s attracted but she’s just, just barely not cute enough which sucks. It’s annoying to generate obvious attraction in a girl like that but not a cuter one.

Some notes on what I fucked up last night. First and foremost, I asked too many damn questions. It’s not even that questions are bad, but they cause me to become invested in the outcome and I can literally notice sets start to crumble when I start asking questions. I really have to hammer home the idea of making statements. To the point that I may want to focus on nothing but practicing making statements for a week. I think my game would go up quite a bit. With that in mind, after 5 months of going out (almost) every night, here are my 5 base principles.

1. Always be leading
2. Open everything
3. Few questions, lots of statements.
4. Go for the number
5. Minimize discussions about sets (with my wingman)

By sticking to these I expect to see consistent results. And I hope to see these results sooner rather than later. Half the reason I go out every single day is because I’m damn impatient to get good at this. I look at guys crushing it in game and I don’t think they’re gods, instead I’m thinking why am I not that good yet? After five months and maybe 600 approaches… I’ll get there though. The question is not *if* but *when*.


-Last night was the most energy I ever had. Ever. And it happened because I opened everything.
-I cannot stress the set destroying power of questions enough.
-As I told my wingman last night, doing game is the funnest hobby ever!
-I continue to stand by my belief that day game is easier than night game.
-I wasn’t leading enough last night. Let’s work on that.