I’m pacing back and forth on the rooftop of my favorite club, phone in hand, trying valiantly to get up the nerve to approach these two girls. Everything is against me. I have no momentum, they’re in animated conversation and about three energy levels above me. I’ve tried walking away three times already but each time, right before I get to the stairs, I stop and turn around. I know that I’ll regret it if I don’t approach. I’ve been pacing for five minutes, it’s getting ridiculous… Then a girl named Liv approaches me, we start talking and I forget all about the other girls. I’ve had more girls approach me at this club than all other clubs combined. I’ve pulled more from this club than all other clubs combined. Maybe it’s because I genuinely enjoy being there and girls react to that?

I did do a few opens earlier as well, but nothing serious. Just a few sentences here and there. On the dance floor a three set of girls wanted me to open them but I didn’t. As far as I can tell girls think that the best way to get a guy to dance with them is to bump into him. They would have so much better luck if instead they held eye contact, or just said something uber simple like “Hey, what’s up”. If the guy is even remotely cool he’ll carry it from there.

For me, I think what it really comes down to is starting the night right. Getting in there and immediately doing three to five sets, within a couple of minutes. That sets the pace for the entire night. If I don’t do that I’ll still probably approach a few sets but the night won’t go nearly as good. I had no idea when I started all this that some of the most important lessons would be so mundane. Open a lot in the beginning. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t lean in. And so forth. This is not glorious crap they make movies of, it’s pickup 101.


-I’m really looking forward to doing more day game this week, I enjoy it.
-Sometimes my mood is great, other times not. So inconsistent I am.
-Regardless of my fuckups, I genuinely had fun last night. The DJ was crushing it!
-I can do better than last night. I have to do better if I want to see the progress that I’m capable of.
-How can I impart more value into a girl’s life?
-I wonder what advice Tyler would give to me right now?
-Next time I will open that set, no matter how low energy I am.