Got a pretty cool message from a guy offering to reach out in case I’m feeling low and am considering suicide. Very cool of him, but I am just joking. This is my sense of humor, I guess it comes out a bit harsher on the written page versus in person when you can say it in a joking tone of voice.

So yeah, I was very frustrated that I didn’t go out or talk to anyone two nights ago, but I should continue to remind myself that I’m still going out way, way more than most guys and I shouldn’t be beating myself up. Yesterday was fun too. Met up with my future partner in club promotion and we did daygame. If you define daygame as talking to each other for 90 minutes and not opening. It was still fun though to hang out and bullshit about girls. I did open one set but she said she had no free time to go to the club.

Then at night I went out with my weeknight wingman and we hit up Meatpacking. Shit was dead! In Biergarten I opened the only set in the entire venue and they both had boyfriends. In Brassmonkey there was nothing. While waiting for my wingman I talked to a girl who works at Biergarten and she was cool. Not that attractive though and she slipped off into the night. We tried to get into one club but they wanted to charge us $200. We said fuck that and opened a set in the lobby bar. Biggest regret was not getting their numbers, that was a mistake.

Then we went to another club, again I opened the only set in the entire place and we spent an hour talking with them. They weren’t attractive and weren’t down for anything, but there was no other options so we just did it. Then we left around 1:30 and that was the night. We wanted to do more but the only open places were all hot clubs that we couldn’t get into it. Hopefully tonight pans out better.


-Have to find a way to get into these hot clubs. Whether that’s connections, bringing girls, sneaking in through the roof vent, whatever.
-I tend to get into state very quickly, or not at all. Doing that first set right at the beginning of the night is usually the crucial decider between the two.
-Going out is just fun.