I fucked up a pull last night and got some good reference experience. It went like this. I went to a hotel rooftop party in Brooklyn, it sucked. I went to another rooftop, 90% guys but best view of anywhere in NYC. I’m going to bring all my friends there when they visit. Then I go to Output, I meet the DJ waiting in line which is cool but inside they try to charge me $20 cover and I bounce. I go to Whiskey Brooklyn and head downstairs. What’s my #1 rule in game? Open the very first set, the second I open the venue. So it’s a basement bar, I walk down, I see two girls sitting and chatting, I walk up and introduce myself.

And here’s the thing, it’s going great right from the beginning. For ten minutes I’m carrying the interaction and it’s going awesome and I feel amazing and totally free from the outcome. It was really cool. After ten minutes it fades a bit and I start to feel not so amazing, but by that point I had made a good enough impression anyways. I joke with the girl how we’re going to get married and I’ll stay at home and make her go work. And she gives me a beer and the other one gives me a shot. Eventually I pull them to a pizza place where we eat then they get into a taxi and leave without me. Here’s what I fucked up.

1) When they asked me how I was getting home they were sussing out whether I wanted to go back with them. Instead of being vague or saying something that would indicate I wanted to take them home, I said¬†“I’m taking the subway!”¬†Like a fucking retard.
2) I didn’t really believe that they liked me enough for the pull. My game has been a bit off the last ten days or so and it was the very first set of the night. I wasn’t feeling like it could really happen.
3) I failed to completely understand their logistics. They were from Jersey so I thought there was no way I was going to pull them, but I didn’t really understand that they had a house for the night just 10 minutes from Williamsburg.

So I butchered the pull, it didn’t happen and I learned a lesson because of it. Going forward I always assume the pull is on, no matter what the circumstances. I always stay vague about my plans. I make sure to fully understand their logistics. Lesson learned. But regardless, I still feel very good about myself that I can go out dead sober and alone and almost pull two girls.


-Always assume the pull is on.
-Every single night I reinforce the rule that I must open a set immediately upon entering the venue. Fundamentals right there.
-Good logistics can make the difference between a pull or not.