My first warehouse party last night, killer. Sober as hell the entire night and I was there five hours. Talk about endurance! That was good because I’m usually good at the club from like 11:30 till 2:00 then I crash. But I know I need to keep it alive longer. One thing I’ve heard is to open everything and I believe in that.

Last night I opened a bunch of sets, super short interactions. I was opening, saying a few things, opening somewhere else, and so on. One notable interaction. I’m talking to a girl and I can just tell that within 30 seconds she wants to make out. We’re not even touching each other or standing that close, I can just see it somehow. Game sense that has developed. It sort of freaked me out a bit tough. I felt the sexual tension and it put me into my head and the set ended shortly afterwards. Just a learning experience, next time I’ll handle it better and act accordingly.

I’m psyched for tonight because my first female friend that I’ve made from game asked me to hang out and we’re going to another warehouse party. Shit is going to be crazy, we both like to drink, we came super close to sleeping together before and that might happen tonight. But I’m totally fine if it doesn’t, as it’s cool to have a friend to go out with.


-My spidy-game-sense has leveled up.
-I’d like to make more female friends.
-Opening a bunch of sets last night was in my comfort zone. That’s bad and good. The problem is that I didn’t do anything to improve my game.
-Going out sober 6 days a week, booze 1 night a week, that’s a good balance.
-I might stay in tomorrow to finish watching some material and do my German homework lol.