Last night I went out with my first female friend that I’ve made since starting to hit the clubs and bars. We had drinks at her place, drinks on the train, and by the time we got to the party I was buzzing. She starts talking to some girl and I leave and start talking to everyone. I get into this super, super social mindset. Guys, girls, whatever. Everyone is getting talked to.

The most memorable group of people were some guys who thought I was a riot and they loved being entertained by me. I was saying zany, illogical shit and they were eating it up. When I left they were disappointed and when I came back 20 minutes later they were giving me high fives and props all around.

Ok, so why does that matter? It matters because by being outgoing, creating a party vibe and bringing the party you can get invited to tables, behind the ropes, into the exclusive areas and so on. It’s what makes people want to have you around. Those guys last night (if they had my number) would love to invite me to a party or out to the club. That’s what I’m going for, I want people to do that. I want to be the person that people invite out when they want to have fun.

Of course the catch is that I was fairly well pickled. Right now I cannot be that gregarious and outgoing sober. But I have complete and total faith that it will come in time. When it comes to social things I can usually do them drunk first, then over time I can do them sober. So as I go out more and become less inhibited and act crazier, I think it will all start to build up. And one thing that was key about last night is that I wasn’t judging before opening. I would just see people, assume I had value to offer them, and go chat with them. I talked to so many people last night because of this. It’s way more fun than screening sets beforehand and trying to open “the best” or whatever. You can’t know. So this is something I’ll start to work on when I go out. Open everyone, no judgments beforehand. You can always eject if they’re not cool.


-I had so much fun last night, although I think I pissed off my female friend.
-I’ve got to unlock that awesome party vibe while sober. That means making no judgments, opening everything, and in general embracing a social lifestyle at the club and out of it.
-When I’m at the club there’s no reason to not be talking to someone. Talk to everyone!
-Eventually I want to find work which allows me to be more social during the daytime.