Last night was spectacular! No beer just fun. I went to Output, it was an awesome party and I felt like a king. First night back and I opened girls left and right, tried to kiss one girl after ten seconds and ended up scaring her off. Met up with my friend Nick and we ended up talking for a while. The only regret is that he refuses to approach sober, so that put something of a damper on the night. But otherwise it was awesome. I didn’t actually have any notable results *but* my approaches were excellent. I was taking awesome shots and that nothing landed in the net I can’t control.

I set up a date with a girl yesterday and when I asked her “What time is good for you” she never replied. I know that she generally likes assholes and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to tell her a time instead of asking? Or perhaps it doesn’t matter and she wasn’t replying no matter what. I’m definitely not a guy who says girls are crazy and I’ll never understand them because I do understand them and will understand them even better the more I go out. But if I fucked up setting up a date by asking “what time is good for you”, girls are nuts.


-I was having so much fun yesterday it was awesome! It was easy because I love the club, but I have to be able to unlock that at any venue.
-Having friends who don’t approach is a bit of a buzzkill.
-Changing my perception from individual approaches to the whole night being one “big approach”. I talk to lots of girls, no need to make a big deal out of it.
-I’m so happy that I live in NYC!