In my experience I’ve found that every night there are one or two sets where you have the chance to make real progress and get better at game. Last night there were two such sets. The first one happened in a crowded bar when I saw a very tall, almost very attractive girl. I thought for a few seconds then I walked up to her and said “You’re a very tall girl. Is it weird dating guys who are shorter than you?” Her eyes bugged for a second than she lit up and turned out to be cool and we talked for a few minutes.

Later on at the end of the night I was standing in the dance floor area and I saw a girl I was very attracted to with a unique haircut. By this point I had already had an excellent night and whether I approached her or not I knew that I would feel good. But I also knew by doing the approach I could grow 0.02% more and feel even better. So when my wingman walked in I grabbed him, told him to follow me, and I opened her by saying “I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Pulp Fiction, but in it there’s a character named Mia Wallace and you look exactly like her”. She thought that was fine and we talked for a while. I could feel myself straying from my core though because I was very attracted to her. I cared about the outcome and because of it I wasn’t as awesome as normal. But I did the approach and to this moment I feel great about it!

Here’s what I fucked up though. I talked to two girls for 15 minutes who were both really into me and I left with getting any kind of contact info! No Facebook, no phone, no Instagram. That was retarded. A huge focus of mine is building a social circle and I really botched that. Also, in general I need to get more numbers. If I get 10 numbers and 1 of them works out, that’s worth it. Plus I can practice text game on all of them who respond.

Last thing, I did a great approach on the dance floor and went for the makeout in less than 30 seconds. Super, super, super smooth. I literally couldn’t have done it better and that she didn’t want to kiss me is her problem not mine. I did this same thing on Thursday at Output. Suave as hell going for the kiss. So far it hasn’t worked out but it will.


-Start number and Facebook closing like crazy. I’m building a social circle which means staying in contact with people.
-Doing those sets that you perceive to be “difficult” is a fantastic way to grow.
-Going out is a lot more fun now that I’m 300% less nervous about it.
-The book The Rational Male is awesome, check it out.