Friday night in New York, people everywhere. Get denied from a bar because I have a penis. Make accusations of sexism, vow to never return. Go to a different bar that turns out to be better anyways. Open, open, open. Wingman shows up but he’s not in a good state. Refuses to approach, bitches out and goes home. Not cool you English tea drinker, you’ve got some work to do.

Alone, I open, open, open. Another wingman shows up. He’s on fire, pulling every week, putting the rest of us to shame. We open, open, open. I see this cute little Asian girl and it’s so obvious that her buying temperature is plus 100. She’s too short to kiss without some awkwardness. I pick her up, bring her face to mine, we make out. That’s a first, have to remember to do it again. I pull her outside. We makeout but it’s cold. She’s shivering. I hug her. Another girl joins the hug. Then her friend. Three of us hugging this tiny little girl.

At this point I’m owning. If I had logistics I would have thrown this Asian girl into the first taxi I saw and pulled her to mine. I would have had to deal with numerous objections but it would have been fine. Unfortunately, no logistics. We makeout one last time, I get her number then release her back into the wild.

More opening till I find Lea. Super cute, great hair, fun personality. Stay with her an hour. Pull her and her friend to another bar. Friend is not having fun, I’m praying that she’ll leave me and Lea alone. This is a solid pull if only the friend leaves. Naturally, friend does not leave. Instead, insists Lea take her home. I say,

Ok, well let’s grab an Uber, take her home then check out a bar on the Upper East Side.”

Lea says no, says she’s staying that night with her friend who is new to the city. She asks me for my number, says she’d like to hang out again. I give it to her, we have a goodbye-makeout then off she goes. I open a few more sets, few more girls on the sidewalk, nothing special. Go home and get 4 hours of sleep before work.

The Breakdown

*I’m happy with how I handled the night. With Lea, my most promising set, I’m honestly not sure what I would change. Without a wingman to handle the friend I’m in a tight spot. As much as I’d love to, I can’t just tell the friend to go home. I was really counting on her just getting bored and leaving, but that didn’t happen. Anyone have ideas about what to do here?

*Last night, for a few minutes, was perhaps the most in state I’ve ever been. It felt like cocaine without the cocaine. I was standing in the center of an aggressively loud bar, walled in by people, feeling beautifully relaxed and natural. It was really spectacular, it even lead to some girls opening me. Something that hasn’t happened to me in months. While this state is great, I’m coming to depend on it less and less. Regardless of how I feel I can hammer out my approaches and make shit happen.

*My outings are taking on a new level. I’m routinely making out with two women a night and it seems obvious that soon I’ll make out with three, something I’ve never done before. Pickup is glorious, there’s nothing else to say.

*As fucking solid as my set with Lea was, and even though she said she’d really like to see me and asked me for my number, I know that there’s a not-so-low chance I’ll never see her again. It boggles my mind. What the hell are these girls looking for? Does she really meet a guy as cool as me, who she has so much in common with, every weekend? Does hypergamy really just not give a shit, it’s the best or nothing? Game is sort of ruthless. I’m willing to accept that though, I’m learning what the reality actually is and figuring out how to win. That being said, I’d be really cool to hook up with Lea.