Last night at Freehold. Easily one of my favorite spots in New York because it’s packed and fun. I open more sets there than anywhere else, and last night was no exception. I have no idea how many but probably close to 20. It was one of those nights where opening became insignificant. Heidi Klum could have walked in and I would have opened her without a jump in my heart rate. That being said, I fucked up last night and even though I opened all these sets I woke up feeling like shit about myself.

The best set of the night I didn’t even number close! It was a really cool entrepreneur guy living in Brooklyn and we talked for twenty minutes. Super cool dude, his wife awesome too. We had a lot in common, I’m sure I could find ways to add value to his life, his wife was interested in the startup I’m working for, and I didn’t even get there numbers. Fucking stupid! Bad, bad, bad. I thought that because he was older that he wouldn’t want to keep in contact. No, he definitely would like to talk to me again and I didn’t get a number. #NotBaller

On top of beating myself up about that, I’m pissed because I opened all these sets but nothing stuck that well. Whatever the “it” of a good night is, I totally and completely lacked “it”. I even stayed late, past when I normally go, and kept opening, and just no. No, no, no. I left that place at 3:15 and you would be hard pressed to find a girl I didn’t open. So I’m happy with that aspect, but just generally pissed that I feel like I did all that and have nothing to show for it. Great, I opened a bunch, and I had literally zero result. Although I did have a few beers. I wasn’t even close to drunk, but I wonder if the subtle influence of alcohol fucked me up a bit? I don’t know..

So that was the night. Opened everything, failed to get the number of the one set that went awesome, got one number but she never texted back. Mostly felt like I was bashing my head against a wall. I’m happy with all the approaches but I think I need more structure to what I’m trying to do.


-I’m training myself to always get the number. I want to have 1,000 numbers in my phone. Half dudes, half girls. How fast can I get there?
-Had four people flake on coming out to the club last night.
-Even though shit wasn’t working, approaching everything did allow me to keep the energy up.
-Fuck drinking. Even just a few relax, it’s Friday beers. Sober is better and I actually enjoy it more.