I don’t really want to say this because I made an ass of myself. But hell man, what’s life if not failing your way to success. We’re staying at a villa compound with a central pool/bar/lounge area. Me and my buddy showed up with some drinks, already there was a bunch of Thai people and some Frenchies. All drinking, all having a good time. Cute Chinese girl next to me, I started ruthlessly flirting with her. Trying over and over and over to get her to come back to my place (40 feet away) to “go swimming in the pool”.

She kept saying no but my sixth sense told me to keep pushing. And you know, I think that she did want to. But everyone, I mean everyone, at that table was staring at us. And she wasn’t going to walk away with me when everyone staring at us implicitly knew we were going to fuck. So if I could replay this I would chill the fuck out, be less aggressive, build the comfort, keep it cool, seed the pull subtle, and wait longer before trying to extract.

Fuck it man. I pushed hard for the pull, I overblew my hand, but at least I didn’t fold.