I didn’t want to go out tonight but I did anyways. I walked into the bar and felt an odd surge of chode emotions. I skipped out on opening a set which is unusual. Chill homie I told myself. I got my shit together, kept walking towards the back of the bar, then opened a cute girl standing by herself. Turned out she’s from Albany, she’s in New York for a friend’s birthday. We end up talking for forty-five minutes. I try repeatedly to kiss her but she has a boyfriend. She wants to but it’s a no go. In the end I add her on Facebook then leave the set. Open a new set, the girl fucking ignores me. My approach was probably too soft. I think I was still in the flawed state of mind that the last girl liked me an awful lot, this one will too, regardless of what I do. Shitty thinking. Girls like good approaches, they don’t care what the last girl thought. So I do a good approach on another set and it quickly goes to hell. I stuck in there till the bitter end, till the girls literally turned their backs on me and wouldn’t acknowledge me. I leave the bar. It’s been an hour, I feel great about myself, I went out and approach solo for an hour. I’m awesome.


*I’m planting seeds. I don’t want to go overboard with blow me or blow me out. Yes, some sets I’ll do that. But 80% of the time it’s either going to be an obvious pull or there’s going to be no pull but the girl still likes me and I can plant the seed that we should go out in the future. I figure if I plant that seed with 100 girls, AKA trade Facebook or numbers with 100 girls, 5 to 10 of them will consistently want to go out with me. That means more access to clubs, more access to promoter’s tables, more winning.

*Tonight I felt so fucking out of it when I walked into the bar. I felt like the least fun person in the world. I felt like I had nothing to offer and was a horrible drain on society. But within two minutes of doing that first approach I felt more energized, more exciting, more fun. My brain is getting quicker to switch over to a good state. Although it’s not state like I always imagined it. I don’t feel superhuman or like I’m on drugs, I just feel social and energy-giving. It’s nice, it’s a good way to be.

*If there’s one skill that you could say I’m focusing on right now it’s going for the makeout in every set. Besides that, it’s seeding the pull and believing that pulls can happen in even the zaniest of circumstances. I’ve got soooooo much to learn but the journey is proving to be very fun.

*If I wasn’t able to go out and have a good night solo I would be DOA. Since I started going out last June I’ve only had one reliably consistent wingmen. We were both just starting and we must have gone out together damn near sixty days in a row. It was glorious. Then I went to Berlin for a month and when I came back he had quit going out. When we started hitting the bars I was a little bit better but we were in the same ballpark. Now, he doesn’t stand a chance. Forget about ballparks, we’re in different cities. I say this to illustrate the point that progress comes from going out, that’s it. No matter what transformational product you buy, you cannot get better without grinding it out at the bar or the club.