Tonight raised more questions than it answered. I feel like I understand less than I ever have. It’s also 4:15 am and I’m fucking tired. Fuck. So maybe this report will be shorter than normal. It won’t start chronologically, I’m just going to jump into different sets from the night. All of these sets took place with or around him, my new wingman who is close to the top 1% of people in the world for game.

I open a girl on the dance floor by complimenting her on how much black she’s wearing. It goes like shit. I’ve noticed a trend here. Usually when I compliment a girl on stuff like this I get a lackluster response at best. It doesn’t work. I’ve also tried saying something stupid to a girl like “It would never work between us, you’re not wearing enough black.” When she’s wearing nothing but black. Neither of these work. I don’t fully understand why, but they suck. Drop them as openers. Revisit them later if I want to, but right now they work for shit.

Wingman opens a girl who has a very cute, very tall blonde friend. I don’t open the friend. Wingman corrects this behavior, tells me to talk to the friend. I do, but I run out of things to say quickly. That doesn’t actually have to happen though. What I should be doing is channeling what I’m capable of when talking to a girl I don’t care about. Just funny, stupid stuff. Doesn’t matter. I felt like I had to impress this blonde girl so I ran out of things to say in under two minutes. Fuck that.

I said to a girl that she looked like a softball coach. Totally fucking random, I only said that because the last girl I talked to really was a softball coach. The girl took it totally wrong and made fun of me. I didn’t have enough frame to recover. So stick with what works. I usually guess girls are in marketing, sales, or fashion. Never had a problem with these and when I’m right which happens about 20% of the time, it goes well.

Wingman meets two girls and a guy on the way to the subway. He’s engaged with the cuter girl but she has a friend. I don’t open the friend till 10 minutes deep. Big mistake. Even when I do engage, I stop talking to her after five minutes. I literally just didn’t know any better. My wingman corrects the behavior. Keep engaging her, keep going. Another mistake was that because I hadn’t opened the friend before the subway came, once it came they all sat down without room for me. So I had to talk to the girl while I’m standing up and she’s sitting down. This is no good. Lesson is that if wingman is in set, talk to the friend immediately and keep talking no matter what.

That’s about it. Those are the lessons. It was a Monday at Pianos. I’ve had the worst luck there of any place in the world. I don’t think I’ve ever even gotten a single makeout at Pianos, despite going there thirty or forty times. That’s insane! I don’t understand why. Maybe it’s just statistical chance. Maybe one bar has to be the one I always fail at and it’s Pianos. Or maybe there’s some other social dynamic going on that I don’t understand. But that seems sort of witchcrafty.

Anyways, that’s it for me for a while. Headed back to my cow farm hometown for a week for Christmas. Going home always reminds me just how much I love NYC. I’ll miss game but I’m going to do some reflection and see if I can some back stronger than ever for my upcoming 10 days in Miami Beach, where I’ll be tearing it up and pimping it every night. Cheers to that, and cheers to the beautiful weather to come!