Last night began in the same way that dozens of other nights have, at the Biergarten. I was there at 11 but my wingmen were late. I opened one girl but her husband came back after thirty seconds. Then I waited. My first wingman shows up and we immediately open three girls sitting down. My girl is a rockstar! She’s cute, she works for the New York Times, she’s worked for all these other amazing companies, and she’s a blast to talk to. We vibe it out for fifteen minutes before the group leaves. Arguably I could have gotten her number but I got the feeling that the odds we would meet up again were about zero. So this may have been a mistake, I’m not sure.

My other wingman shows up. Now there’s three of us and not nearly enough sets to keep us busy. We talk to a set of women for ten minutes just for the fuck of it, there’s nothing else there. Then one wingman leaves and me and the remaining guy head to a speakeasy style bar that I’ve never been to. When we get there every single girl is with a guy. It’s a great date spot. Something opens up though and my wingman opens a girl and talks for almost ten minutes. He only found out about game a few weeks ago but he has an awesome mentality. He’s going out every night and taking a bootcamp soon. I commended him for not making the rookie error of watching a billion videos without approaching. “Fuck that. I’m 39, I want to get good right now. I don’t have time for that bullshit.” That’s an awesome attitude to have whether you’re 39 or 19.

A two set of girls walks in and I know that I’m going to open them. The only question is how. Since they’re the only set in here I’m not going to do something crazy. Eventually they go to the bar and a guy starts talking to one of them, leaving the friend isolated. I open and it goes from there. This whole interaction I did a really good job of making statements. I would sometimes catch myself about to say something like “Where are you from” but I would stop that and rephrase it as “You look like you’re from Queens.” I did this about 3 times, got all of my guesses horribly wrong (she was from Cali) but it didn’t matter, it was still fun. A few nights ago I was on point and got 3 guesses dead on (where she was from, where she worked, how old she was) and she actually got a little bit freaked out. That was funny.

My wingman leaves, and after twenty-five minutes or so I end up making out with this woman. Even though the makeout happens I’m not very happy with what I did. At about the 20 minute mark I felt she was ready to kiss. It was the perfect moment, an emotional high, I was being physical and it was obvious she wanted it. But I didn’t go for out! I chickened out and lost the moment. That was no good. Next time I have to go for it right then and there. This time I was able to bring it back around and get it five minutes later, but that hesitation may cost me the set in other interactions. As soon as I feel it, I go for it. Whether that’s in 20 seconds, 2 minutes, or 20 minutes. Every set is different, but when the time comes I have to execute immediately.

We’re vibing well and I try to convince this girl to come back to my loft in Brooklyn but it’s not happening. She won’t do it. But I’m not giving up. Perpetual motherfucking persistence! I will ride this to wherever it’s going, no matter what the odds of closing. We all get into an Uber and go to their hotel. She’s asking me “So, how are you getting home once we get to my hotel?” and shit like that. It’s disheartening but I blow it off. We get there and it’s sick, their hotel is right next to The Blonde, which is a new upscale lounge I was at last week for the first time. So I pull her there. The bouncer lets us in but he tries to ask me for a fucking tip because he let us in. I’m generally cool about stuff but this pisses me off. It just seems like the epitome of stupid fucking American culture.

We get up there and the first fucking person I see is my promoter buddy. I introduce him to the girl and he hooks us up with some drinks. I don’t like tequila, but since drinks at this place are probably fucking $20 he just saved us a lot. I drink and dance and act fucking crazy with this girl. She loves it. I’m pretending to sing songs, I’m acting shit out, I’m dancing like a retard having more fun than anyone else in the place. This goes on and on for 45 minutes until I’m tired and ready to make something happen or go home.

I try one more time to pull her to my place in Brooklyn but she’s not having it. Just as I suggest we leave, she asks where the bathroom is. I lead her to it and she pulls me into the stall. One would think that it’s going to happen now, but one would be wrong. I suck on her tits and undo my jeans but that’s all that happens. She refuses to do more, despite being the one to pull me into the fucking bathroom. I get pissed and walk out of the stall. When she comes out I walk her back to her hotel and that’s it. Night over.

As for all this bullshit about sex, I think that she may actually be married. She kept hinting about this and trying to get me to ask, which I obviously didn’t. She found me very attractive and told me as much many times. But when it came down to the make or break moment she just wasn’t down for it. That sucks, but it was a really fucking fun time anyways. I lived a night very similar to that of my mentor, Distant Light. He does everything on a higher level and pulls models, but in many ways I had a night just like him. Cool girls, fun venues, friends with promoters, almost bathroom sex. All that and it’s a fucking Tuesday. Of course even though I’m super pleased with how everything went, there are a few things I could have done better.

1. I already talked about how I should have gone for the makeout right when I was feeling it. That has to happen next time.

2. I could have screened for logistics / whether she’s DTF better. Even though I had so much fun, it sucked to spend 2 or 3 hours with this woman and not get laid. I don’t know exactly how to screen to see whether she’s DTF, maybe it’s something you just have to vibe out. But I need to find some way so that this doesn’t keep happening. I pulled to my place last Thursday and she wasn’t having it. I pulled to the bathroom last night and she wasn’t having it. Annoying.

3. The cute blonde girl at Biergarten, what I should have done is found a common interest like going out in Meatpacking. I could have built on that interest, talked about how my friend has a table every weekend, really built this up so we talked about it for at least five minutes, and then when she was leaving I could have invited her to that. This is actually a core concept that I want to implement. If I’m talking to a cool girl who is obviously not getting pulled, I want to spend at least 5 to 10 minutes of the interaction talking about something cool we could do together (drink to inebriation at my friend’s comped table) and then invite her out to that.