Last night is the second time in the last six months that I met a girl who is obscenely logical about things that girls don’t talk about. My wingman opened one girl, I opened mine and started talking about my favorite actresses (Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman). She goes with this for thirty seconds before saying “Look, what’s your name?” I ignore her and keep talking about bullshit. “I don’t give a fuck, I don’t care about actresses. Just tell me your name.” So I do and we shake hands. This would be a common theme, throughout the night she would tell me when she was bored and what things she didn’t give a fuck about.

Example. I list all the cities I’ve been to. “I don’t give a fuck. That doesn’t impress me. I don’t care where you’ve been.”

So what I end up doing is sharing lots of personal stories. She gets to know me through this, and ask her about her fashion line. We spend an hour together at Biergarten and I’ve never met a girl who told me so many flaws in my personality, but still liked me. Doe eyes the whole time.

By the end though I was done with it. I’ve read that if you’re still getting shit tests deep into the interaction, you don’t have to keep trying to pass them. You just tease them or ignore them. I’ve found this to be excellent advice. Example. After 45 minutes she makes fun of the fact that I’m 24. Again. I say “You need to calm down. I didn’t choose when my parents fucked to make me.” She replies”I know, you’re right..” Or I get particularly expressive and she says “Uhhh, don’t do that. I don’t like that!” I say “You have to chill. I’m expressing myself, I don’t know what’s up with you, I guess you hate the world.” Or some shit like that. At some point if a girl keeps slinging shit, you don’t have to keep jumping through the hoops.

We drink a beer, watch some finance guy get arrested for being a drunken douche, then we run away from her coworkers and take a taxi back to my apartment. I just unpacked today and I haven’t even used the bathroom at my new place but I’m pulling. The power of good logistics!

When we get back though it’s lots of LMR. Usually I’m exceptionally good at handling this, but there’s just no way this time. She’s just not going to sleep with me. Three or four times she said earlier “There is no way I’m having sex with you.” Of course that’s girl speak and you just say “No, I know.” or “Ok, that’s cool” then you change the subject, take her back to your place, and have sex. But no, this girl was serious. I even whipped my dick out and put her hands on it, but there was no way. She was leaving and that was that. I think she genuinely liked me, and she forgot her hat anyways so I have to see her again. I’ll day two her but if we don’t hook up it’s done. I don’t like playing games when she clearly wants to have sex.

The most interesting part of this interaction was getting to feel, in real time, everything I was doing that wasn’t attractive. “You’re boring” or “I don’t care” were the buzzwords. Sort of harsh, but it actually aligned very well with my idea of what good game was. For example, when I would tell a good story that I cared about, she was totally into it. But when I would say something retarded I didn’t really believe, she would instantly call me out on it. Or when I was too logical and not vibing well, she would call me on it.

Interesting night. I’ve got the sick logistics now and I’ve gone back to the awesome power of direct game. I’m ready to crush it!