I’ve talked before about these brief glimpses of game at the next level. It’s these moments where I’m talking to the girl but I’m no longer chasing. I’m not trying to lead it towards sex. I’m just there, talking, being myself. The funniest thing is that when it happens it feels scary. It’s so different from the way I’ve spent 99.998% of my life interacting with girls. I first started noticing this last month but it seems to be happening a bit more now. All I can say is cool, I’m looking forward to the shift. It might take another year to fully get there and that’s OK. Once I do my options with women will blow up.

I’m really interested in talking to the most attractive women. I want to be consistently approaching them, reapproaching them, staying in set under pressure and in general doing whatever possible to speak with them as long as possible. In a way I think that going after hotter women may actually be easier. I’m more attracted and more willing to endure bullshit, fight through pressure, reapproach multiple times, etc. As opposed to another average girl who I might blow off as soon as things get tricky.

A theory, women respond well to good looking guys not just because of the physical looks, but because she associates good looking guys with game. That is, the two usually go together. She may give a good looking guy the benefit of the doubt, whereas a less unattractive guy has to do more to prove himself because she isn’t inclined to believe he’s got attractive qualities.

I’m still really interested in the idea of entitlement. Yesterday at work an exceptionally tall, skinny blonde girl sat down close to me. I’m about 84% sure she sat there because she wanted me to talk to her. We had exchanged glances earlier. I never talked to her. My thought process is something like, there’s no way it will happen. I’ve never slept with a girl I met in the day. I can’t make this happen. Contrast that to Ukraine, where we rolled up on stunning women all the time and it was easy and fun. Of course I would have opened her there, I felt entitled!

In Ukraine, as an American, you’re wealthy, you can afford to eat anywhere and do anything, you have great status. My game in Ukraine was the same, the only thing that changed was entitlement. However, that simple change allowed me to thoughtlessly roll up on great looking women all day. Whereas in NYC I feel like a small, broke fish and I don’t feel entitled. Interesting. However, I know this can be overcome. Distant Light was fucking 20, broke, living with his parents and he still made it happen with models all the time. It’s possible.

The Night

Ended up with three different wingman, we opened some chicks. It was fun. I’ve reached the point where I have a group of really fucking solid wingman who go out a lot, approach a lot and are effective with women. It’s great, especially compared to some of the bozos I went out with when I started. And they want to hang out with me, we all offer value to each other. Don’t try to attract the people you want in your life. Instead, become the type of person you want to attract and then they’ll come to you.