It’s been about a month since I’ve closed a girl. I’ve pulled three times from the club but in each instance it never got to the bedroom. Or bathroom. Or whatever. Because of that I’ve been wondering if I’m on a plateau, or if this is just a natural swing in my results, or if all the girls I hooked up with this summer were flukes and I got lucky. Well, maybe I got lucky, maybe I didn’t. But I definitely had more control over the luck in that I approached more this summer. I stayed at the club longer and talked to more women. Now, even though I’m going out almost every day, I’m doing less volume. Like I wrote about going out in Washington Square Park a few days ago and it was a blast, but during two hours I only approached two girls and spent about 5 minutes in set total. So I’m getting this impression that I’m taking massive action, when in reality if I look at the numbers, I can see that I’m not doing all that much. This has to change.

Someone who’s opinion I deeply respect described game as “getting the most amount of reference experience in the shortest amount of time”. To make that happen I need to approach more when I’m out and stay out at the club longer. Fuck my sleep schedule. I’ll sleep in a year when I have a hot girlfriend and I can wake up and have amazing morning sex. But until that happens I should be willing to live on 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Why the fuck else was coffee invented? So let me make a few notes.

A. I’m drinking less alcohol and more importantly, I’m not willpowering it, I actually feel less of an urge to drink. Alcohol fucks up my night because I usually feel great for half an hour or an hour, but then everything falls apart. When I go out sober I can do a solid three hours and still feel great. So since college style alcoholism has traditionally been a problem for me, I’m very happy with myself for consciously choosing to imbibe less.

B. I sometimes face this interesting quandary. I’m in set and I think that I should kiss the girl but I don’t. However, I believe there is some part of me that’s a bit more calibrated now that may be saying “if you go for the kiss you’ll blow the set out. Wait a bit”. On the other hand it could just be my bitch brain and its usual antics. This can leave me wondering whether my not going for the kiss is my calibrated game sense stopping me, or my fear brain acting up.. That being said, I think the better option is always to go for the kiss. I can only remember a couple of sets I totally scared off by doing that, but I can remember more sets that fizzled because I didn’t go for it. Train my brain: always go for the kiss!

C. Gaining access to high end venues, especially Sunday – Wednesday is crucial for me. It’s not even that they have the hottest girls, it’s more just that there is nothing else good on a Monday night, except for a place like Avenue or Tao or whatever. Besides Pianos (which I’ve vowed to never step foot into again) there is no other place that I know of where I can get in a solid 15 or 20 sets on a weeknight. So I’m going to have to step up my venue game and figure out how the fuck to consistently get into these places.

D. If I have a sticking point the best possible way to overcome it is to go out and approach as many fucking sets as possible. I’d like to believe that I can “think my way through” a sticking point, or watch enough material that it just disappears, but the world doesn’t work that way. If I want to reach my goals I have nothing else to do but approach and approach again.

E. I definitely need to raise my standards. Whether that’s screening for height or personality or whatever, I have to create a couple of standards to judge a girl by. I fucked a cave troll in London, but that doesn’t mean I have to do it again.

F. Everyday I try to be as social as possible in as many settings as possible. From work to the club, I want to be the guy who is talking to everyone and being outgoing and creating the party. I’m just recently started doing this and I’m already noticing the positive benefits of it.