Back at the apartment, we’re chilling with the Ukrainian girl my roommate hooked up with last week. She claims that she knows us from a past life because we all get along so well. Mostly I speak to her in Russian because her English is a used condom.

These are the type of girls we regularly roll up on here

Today we did 3+ hours of solid daygame. Approached so many sets and had a really good time. I’ve gotten way better at it. I used to have a problem with women thinking I was selling something or blowing me off instantly. Not really an issue anymore.

I got one number and two Facebook closes. I’m leaving in two days so it’s all kind of pointless anyways, but I tell girls that if they’re ever in NYC they should look me up. One girl basically closed me by suggesting a place we could meet up later. Straight up glorious.

I felt very comfortable today, but if there was one thing I could work on it would be relaxing even more. Not feeling like I have to work so hard to keep the interaction going. Let the pressure build, I can take it. Make her fill in the conversation gaps.

I know that will come in time though. Approaching beautiful women here is great training for the brain. Also, I did some approaches solo today and I’m thrilled with myself for that. Pats on the back & all the glory.