Back into it, I proposed to a cute Italian girl. I almost picked her up and walked out of the club. Not sure what my wingman would have done, he was already telling me to tone it down. Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn’t. Sometimes I get more wrapped up in doing insane shit and I lose track of taking actual steps towards the pull. Other times insane shit is what makes the night amazing and I pull because of it.

I walked up to a girl, ignored both her friends, started talking. Almost immediately I encountered mild resistance.

You need to leave. Please go away. Can’t you just leave us alone? That’s so awesome! Omg, you are just so cool” Sarcasm you could bottle and sell. I say,

“Your dress looks pink. It could be peach though. I don’t like peaches, they bruise too easily. Strawberries are my favorite. Just wash them, cut off the top and you’re good to go.”

Obviously at this point nothing is ever happening, it’s a battle. I’m pushing myself to see how long I can stand here and keep my frame while three girls throw an arsenal of shit at me. It’s incredibly awkward. I don’t move and my frame is really good. I have a hypothesis. I think that at some point I won the emotional side of my girl. I saw her eyes go big and something changed. Logically she hates me or whatever. But emotionally she’s attracted to the guy who is holding a cool frame, even as three women try to run him over. I finally left though, I couldn’t hold the frame forever.

I talked to a Danish girl for a while. Got her Facebook, invited her and her friend out to the club tonight. Will she come? Who knows. Pre-Danish girl I was up on another cute girl, all in black. I tried for the makeout, didn’t quite happen. Led her towards a different part of the club but the friend ran and grabbed her. Leaving the club, I looked at her, said,

I’ll never see you again will I..”

She smiled, “Nope.”


*I think that I sometimes lose track of what I’m at the club for. I have conversations that go nowhere, I don’t try to pull, I don’t led enough. I’m waiting for obvious signs and this holds me back. I should lead and move towards the pull with less signs. I can also assume more attraction, regardless of what I see her giving me. Assume the frame that as long as she’s still talking to me, she’s attracted.

*At one point I met some cool guys and they invited me to their table. I was speaking some Russian and they asked me whether I was Russian. I was in the moment and figured it would be easier to say yes, versus explaining that I learned Russian in Moscow, that I was an English teacher, etc. I didn’t want to explain all this so I lied and said I’m Russian. This is dumb. One guy spoke Russian, he sussed out immediately that I’m not a native speaker, things got weird. OK, so what’s the lesson here. It’s to never, never lie. This is an ideal that I’ve recently adopted. It’s not that I lie a lot, very little. But I want to take that very little and turn it into not at all. Tell the truth no matter what the consequence. In this case it’s not like I was being a horrible person, I was just caught up in the party vibe and thought that explaining my Russian ability would slow down the party. But that led to weird consequences. It’s a reminder that always fucking always tell the truth, even when it’s seemingly inconsequential.