Daygame again in Union Square. Me and my wingman encountered a minor protest against Trump. All thoughts on that aside, there were quite a few girls around. The most successful set was the last one, where I went up to a girl with a fashionable hat on and we talked for about fifteen minutes. She was cool and relatively attractive, but maybe just below what I’m looking for in daygame. In nightgame I would definitely pull her, but with daygame she’s not quite good looking enough to take on a date.

That being the case, talking to her allowed me to see some chinks in my daygame armor. For example: how do I set up a date when things don’t go my way?

Me: “So, what do you like to do in New York?”
Her: “Not much. Walk around and people watch.”
“Ok.. Do you like to go out at night”
“No, not really”.

So I don’t know what she likes to do (schedule a date and do that) and she doesn’t like to do what I like to do (hit up the night clubs). Maybe there isn’t really a solution to this. Maybe she’s just not a fit for me. Either way I can see that in regards to daygame I need to become better at scheduling a date with a girl. If she doesn’t give me any good info I should probably hype up whatever club(s) I’m going to that weekend and invite her out to that.

Otherwise nothing else really happened. I opened maybe four or five other sets but they were all brief and inconsequential. Momentum keepers, not life changers. That being said, I’m in game for the long term. I plan on going out and talking to girls for years and years and years to come. And I know that by making tiny bits of daily progress I’ll eventually get where I want to be. Also, for December I just got an apartment in Williamsburg that’s only 5 minutes from the club where I set a personal record for most opens in one night. Something is definitely going to come of that..