The cute girl I pulled home but didn’t close on Monday, never met up with her again. Painful lesson to learn man. I had the opportunity, I was at her place and let it slip past. I can think of two things I messed up. First, she kept saying you can’t sleep over. I interpreted that to mean no sex but I think it meant we can hook up but you have to leave afterwards. Next time that happens I’ll say yeah, I won’t sleep over and then get on with it. Second thing, right before I kissed her she said,

I like total honesty, were you thinking about having sex tonight?”

Taken aback, I replied, “Yeah, I was.”

There are definitely times when sex is so obviously on the table that it’s no big deal. But in this context I think it would be better if I had said something more “gamey” likeĀ no, I really hadn’t thought about itĀ or whatever.

So the big lesson here is go for it then and there. It seems sort of sexually aggressive but it’s necessary. It’s also a win-win for both of us. Obviously this doesn’t mean ignore real objections, but it does mean I shouldn’t have rolled over as easily as I did.


Girl from Wednesday night, ending up meeting up Thursday and hanging out for five hours. Got some sushi, drank some wine, hit some bars but nothing happened. It turned out we had no real chemistry and I didn’t try anything. I’m OK with that though because I have the opposite of a friend-zone problem with girls, I hardly fucking ever have a platonic relationship with a girl. It’s literally happened one time in the fifteen months I’ve been in NYC.

Will I see this girl again? I think not, mostly because of the personality. There was lack of romantic interest and just lack of interest in general.


Really wasn’t feeling like going out so I went out. Met up with my wingman and we opened some sets. Went pretty well with one girl and learned a good lesson. We were in this crazy environment, getting buffeted around like popcorn. What I needed to do was get us anchored against the wall, her leaning into me. That would have been the move.

This girl had horrible eye contact which throws me off. Her sub-communication kept saying that she liked me but she wouldn’t look me in the eye. Maybe just nervous or intimidated? In the future I need to point out that I like good eye contact, bad eye contact is a turn off.

Got her number then we bounced around LES some more. Nothing too crazy happened. Five nights in a row of going out, it’s been really good. Had a couple of near misses but even though I didn’t get laid, it’s been cool to just spend so many hours interacting with women.