There is no reason why I can’t be pulling every night. I may not have the technical skills to do so at the moment, but I’m going to get there. I’m going to get so much experience that it would be absurd to even ponder not pulling every night. That’s the level of skill I’m headed towards. I’m also questioning what the fuck happened that I just went three months without pulling? I don’t know what the fuck that was. It’s inconceivable that in three months I wasn’t presented with numerous opportunities to pull. I approach enough and my game is good enough that there’s no reason to not be pulling every week. This is giving me considerable reason to pause. I’m taking a deep look at what I’m doing and trying to determine if it’s the most effective approach. Is there something obvious that I’m missing? Is there some concept that, once understood, would skyrocket my results? I just have this feeling that with a few simple tweaks my sex life could go through the roof, without becoming way more grounded or socially skilled. Man, I wish I had two grand to spend, I would take a bootcamp this weekend.. But I don’t, and that’s OK because I’m still getting some good results. This was my night.

Tuesday at 13 Step

I mentioned a few days ago that I was sick again and I blamed game. Well maybe there is something to that. If you believe anecdotal evidence, that is. Here are conversations from two different guys. I don’t know if it’s bullshit or not, but they both seem to want to get good so I don’t think they have any reason to lie. I messaged him on Facebook as well but he never got back to me. That’s alright. We usually end up going out at least once a week and it’s always eventful when it does happen. Anyways, just as I was planning to go to 13 Step alone I got a text from my old wingman, saying he wanted to go out. Serendipity, just like that.

Meet up, open. Doesn’t go anywhere, open again. One girl is cute, one is not. I end up talking to the not-cute one. This is no good. I want the cute one who is talking to my wingman. I’m going to take her from him. I turn and face her. I stare straight at her. Nothing. I spread my feet a bit, stand up straighter, puff my chest out half an inch. She looks at me. Bam, it’s over. Engage, she’s mine. Stealing the cute one from my wingman was not a douche thing to do by my standards. In my universe whoever opens the set gets the cute girl. If he had opened, I wouldn’t have stolen.

We talk for about eight minutes and she’s into me. Very into me, it’s fantastic. When I get her number (which I rarely, rarely do) it feels solid. Her friend is pulling her to the bathroom and I tell her I’ll be there when she comes back. She leaves, we open something else. Five minutes later I come back, she’s standing in that exact spot waiting for me. We talk for a bit then we do that thing where we say goodbye (they’re leaving together) but then we just keep talking and I lead her outside. We talk more, I ask her about her plans for the weekend. I say “Are you free Saturday? Let’s go out.” She agrees. I say goodbye and she leaves with her friend. When I text her ten minutes later she responds with “I really liked meeting you too! Enjoy your night”. So good, and she’s attractive too!

Here is where it gets interesting. The question is: did I do the right thing by getting the number and setting up a date, or should I have gone for the pull? I’m inclined to say that getting the number was right. Not only was she with her friend, but her friend was her roommate so they’re going home together. She also has to work in the morning. Logistics suck. So I think the number was right. If I had gone for the pull I may have gotten her to the train station but maybe not farther. Or I may have gotten her all the way to the Upper West Side and not inside. Or we may have fucked, I don’t know. I really don’t. This is mostly unexplored territory for me. I’ve said it before, in the coming months a big part of my game is going to be learning about everything that happens outside of the club. I’m going to learn a lot of lessons (fail a lot). That’s OK. I’m also going to succeed enough to make it all fun.

Rest of the night was good. There were plenty of fine interactions but nothing as good as that initial one. On the technical side of things I have to learn how to competently handle group settings. Finding a girl by herself is rare. To pull every night I’m going to have to become a master shepherd who can handle flocks of girls. Whether I have to invite the friends along as we go towards her house then they fade away on the subway, or leave the friends in the bar, or whatever. I don’t know. I suspect though that if I can’t find a way to get past the friend situation I will not get the results that I want.

The night was also filled with meeting people I’ve met before. Saw a guy, couldn’t place the face. We shook hands then just stared for a second, trying to figure it out. Turns out he’s in the NYC inner circle, saw him at some meetup. Talked to an overweight Hawaiian girl who I realized I had danced with back in Pianos four or five months ago. If she recognized me she didn’t say anything. Finally, check out this month-old quote from this field report:

“Later I open a Jewish girl with my Israeli wing. She’s more into him than me. I tell him to pull her downstairs and they end up making out. He even fingers her in the club.”

Well I see that same Jewish girl. Recognize her and immediately approach. She freaks out and we all have a laugh. Try to get a picture to send to my friend back in Israel but she refuses. Too bad, would have been funny. Move on to another set. The bar was packed with PUAs. Me, three other guys of the same school of thought, two other guys who subscribe to different beliefs, and one other guy (unconfirmed) who I’ve seen three or four times which is about a 100% sure sign he’s into pickup. Girls walking into 13 Step on a Tuesday are entering the Lion’s Den.

That’s the report for tonight. Since I got home a bit early I figured I’d write it now. Tomorrow I may write another summary and touch upon some subtle points that I skipped and dig deeper into a few more of the interactions. For now, bed. Tomorrow is Wednesday which means Meatpacking.