I picked up my first chick last night! A short Israeli girl she weighed about as much as a couple of liters of cola. But I’ll get to that. We started it off by getting rejected from Berghain, which is just par for the course at this point. So we walk towards another club and I open a street set. She thinks that me putting my hand on her shoulder is too physical and they run away. Ok. We get to the club and I don’t want to go in. It’s a tourist club with a bunch of drunk dudes inside and top 40 music. I can do this type of thing in New York and get in free, not pay 10 Euros for the privilege. So I open some British girls standing outside. She was definitely interested in me and I was being very physical. Next time I go for the makeout in that situation, I think she would have done it.

At any rate we eject, go twenty feet away, and we’re standing by a couple of cute (albeit very short) girls. Michael is just starting to tell me something when I tell him to turn around and open. He does it, we all start talking, and a few minutes later we’re leading them to go get some water. One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to walk fast and sometimes the group gets left behind. Not always, but sometimes. The solution is that I should be holding a girl’s hand more. Especially in a club when I’m leading, I should always have her hand in mine. I do it most of the time now, but not always. I need to make it always.

So we take the girls for water, sit down at a table and chat for 45 minutes. They’re cool but at the end of it all I’m tired and just want to try to go to Berghain again. So Michael, Alex and the two girls head off. I pick up the shorter girl to say goodbye. I know Tyler usually opens by picking girls up, but I’m mixing shit up. They go off to the club, I go to Berghain and get rejected, and the world keeps on spinning. Not sure what tonight will hold, but probably street sets and some good techno.


-Leading girls is more important than I ever imagined. It’s going to be my major focus in the coming weeks and months.
-Small bits of progress add up quicker than I had imagined they would.
-Do something and you’ll have the power.
-Game is fun! I really enjoy it, especially when the girl I’m talking to is interesting and cute.