Last night I *technically* got into Berghain. I met up with my wingman at 3:30 in the morning, which on a Saturday night in Berlin is like 11:00pm in any other city. We go to the tourist club and do some sets. I open four or five but I totally half ass it. Super soft approaches. Which is funny because three months ago if I did four approaches in a night, regardless of their quality, I would have been excited! Now it’s like eh. It’s like I went to the gym and mostly sat on the machine texting, I didn’t accomplish shit. So no kudos for that.

We stay till 6am and decide to try Berghain. The line is short, the sun is coming up, and after ten minutes we’re facing Sven, the notorious bouncer. He gives us a good look over, asks if we’re together, then nods us in. We get into the entry hall and it’s glorious! I’m so psyched. Then another bouncer comes up and tells us to fuck off, even though we already got in. It’s the same bouncer who has seen me try and try again to get in, and he thinks that I’ve tried too many times and I’m not getting in.

So me and my wingman are officially the only two people I’ve ever seen get into Berghain, and kicked out within 15 seconds. Curse my crazy persistence and mistaken belief this guy won’t remember my face! That being said, even though Berghain is sweet, I’d rather make this mistake in Berlin than in New York. At any rate Berghain is open for the next 24 hours and I’ll go again at 6pm and there will be a new bouncer. Persistence combined with stupidity, what a combo.


-Weak approaches are for bitches and people doing their first sets. If I want to grow I have to push it harder, take it seriously, and do more sets.
-The internet is amazing! It’s so cool you can go to a foreign city and meet wingmen just like that.
-Going out at 3:30 is fun, but harder for me to get into state because my main state is just tired, not pimp.
-Dance floor rejections last night. I didn’t have that smooth confidence that makes the approaches work.