The best part of last night was talking to a Dutch girl named Isabella for half an hour. We lamented about how fucked up American politics is and all sorts of other problems with my country. Her personality and what she had to say made me attracted to her, whereas objectively she might not be that sexy. Also she had cute glasses which I’m a sucker for. Also I was drinking and beer distorts things, so who knows. When the bar closed at 3:30 and they kicked us all out, her friends had her get my Facebook before she left. Will I see her again? Who the hell knows, but it was a good time talking to her.

I talked to a German girl who was rather unfriendly and asked if I was ashamed that I would walk up to her and start a conversation. I thought about this for a second then said “No, not at all. In fact I feel pretty good about myself”. She gave me a look as if I’d had a lobotomy and walked off. I chatted with two girls on the street about my cardboard box that I sleep in. I talked to another girl about clubbing in Berlin and she gave me a solid recommendation to check out. And that was about it.

One thing I really noticed is that being loud is rarely not good. Aka it’s awesome. I’m naturally loud after a few beers, and this is something I want to bring into my sober game. Just as I’ve consciously practiced having great body language, and projecting my voice, now I’m going to practice being louder. Being loud and leading, the two L’s, these are sticking points that I’m going to be focusing on in the coming weeks.


-When a girl is fun to talk to it’s great! Because more often than not they’re not that much fun to talk to.
-Gaming on beer is cheating. While it’s fun in Berlin, I’m going to go back to New York and be as sober as post-rehab Eminem.
-In general practicing game is a bit harder in Germany. American culture is pretty much designed for game, it’s great.
-Think loud, speak loud, be loud.