Last night wasn’t really pickup, it was more about dancing. I love techno and Berlin has the best stuff in the world. I wanted to go to a club called Tresor but I was denied at the door because I’m alone. Getting rejected like that is getting easier but it still hurts. It feels like a judgement against myself. Which is crap, it’s just a bouncer saying no. I suppose what makes it hurt is that it’s like being told “You’re a piece of crap for going out alone. Find some friends”. I again wonder why it is that in New York it’s the opposite and you’re more likely to get into difficult clubs alone?

I opened one girl at the bar named Megan and in hindsight I should have said “Take me back to meet your friends.” That’s a great thing to say in that situation. Next time. Then later I put my hands on a girls shoulder and danced with her. That was about it. Sure I could have done more, but I also go out every night and I know some nights I spend the whole time with girls and other times I dance and enjoy the music. That being said, when I go back to New York it’s going to be an approach rampage.


-Meet a girl at the bar and you’re both getting a drink. “Take me back to meet your friends.”
-I’ve got game, but I have to approach more to be able to use it.
-I’m doing cold approach pickup in a foreign city on the other side of the world. I think that’s pretty nifty.