Even though I didn’t pull last night, this field report is going to lean towards the long side because yesterday was a bloody fucking interesting experience. It started at 7pm when me and Michael met up with some other pickup guys. It’s a big Tuesday meetup, get to know all the pickup guys in Berlin. It’s interesting to note that day game is huge here. These guys love it! I never do daygame because:

A. I work during the day
B. I think it’s easier and comes more naturally to me (versus night game)

So with a few sets I more or less confirmed that it’s not as challenging as picking up girls in a nightclub. I did three sets, they all went ok. I did fuck one set up pretty bad though. Two girls were walking in front of me and I walked up from behind and tapped the girl. Scared the shit out of her, she jumped. That’s basically the opposite of the effect you want. Lesson learned, find a way to come in from the front.

The meetup was interesting because I got to talk to guys about game who actually go out. In fact the most interesting conversation I had was with a Chinese guy named Josh who has done more than 3,000 approaches. All that and yet our level of game is probably very similar, and I’ve done about 500 approaches. What accounts for this? The only thing that came to mind is that Josh is very negative. He beats himself up and puts himself down. Could this be the sole reason that it’s taking him so long to get good at this?

After the event I left with Michael and Obi. It was really interesting to meet up Obi because I very rarely meet a guy who is intermediate and loves to do approaches. Most of the intermediate guys I meet are naturals and their game is to have a few beers, bump into one or two chicks, makeout and pull. Obi is approaching in the subway, approaching in stores, approaching on the street, it’s just a way of life. That’s where I’m headed, and it’s really cool to see a guy who is maybe 6 months ahead of me. Or a year, whatever. But that’s where I’m going to be.

At some point around 3 we end up sitting outside a convenience store drinking beers with a couple of girls. I opened them talking about watermelon popsicles and they told us they’re gay. That happened a few times in New York and me and my wingman mostly wrote it off as a shit test. For whatever reason this time I took it seriously. At any rate we’re at this table and a fight breaks out below the subway tracks 30 meters away. We hear them breaking beer bottles and using a pipe and the girls call the police. We get there and one guy is bloodied up. I say to Obi “Well that pretty much kills whatever vibe there was”. He replies “Don’t be pessimistic.” And sure enough he makes out with one of the girls later on.

The lesson I learned from this set is to always go after the girl I like. I did the thing where I settled for the less attractive girl because, well I don’t actually know why. It would have been way better if I focused on the girl I liked the whole time. Big mistake on my part, but I’m going to change that in the future. After the police are done taking statement we pull everyone to Michael’s place. This is why having an apartment in a great area is so amazing! He’s only been there about a week and already three nights girls have been pulled there. If only I had $3,000 a month to throw around I could do the same in New York.

And that was the night. A solid eight hours of socializing. A fantastic experience that I look forward to replicating. Going to the club tonight and tomorrow I’m going to fly to London. New experiences, I get high off of them.


-Go for the girl I’m more interested in. Just do it and be direct. Who knows, maybe the less attractive one has a boyfriend anyways.
-With great logistics apartment pulls are easy, easy, easy.
-I wonder what my game will be like after 3,000 approaches?