So much fun last night! Met up with Michael and Leon on the Kreuzberg bridge and we went to the club. Immediately opened a three set of Belgium girls, two of whom were very cute. It was going good and after seven or eight minutes I tried to move them. Didn’t really happen. One girl wanted it but two didn’t so it’s obvious how that works out. Walking into the club I stick my hand out, get a lady to stand up from the sofa and put her hand in mine. Then I try to lead her to the dance floor and it almost, almost happens Then she rethinks it and stays where she is.

Inside I get a beer and open two girls sitting down. Michael talks to the friend and I talk to the blonde one. She was fun to talk to so even though she has a boyfriend that set lasts a while. Then it’s dancing, and more sets, and leading girls to the drum n bass dance floor, and dancing crazy, and talking to girls, and it’s all just craziness and hedonism. Perhaps the best lesson happened when I ended up talking to an 8 for twenty minutes and I was nervous for much of it. It was interesting to see that small stream of anxiety and how it made it harder to fully express myself. My thought was again and again, she’s just a chick. She’s just like hundred of other girls. At any rate after twenty minutes when I asked for her number she also had a boyfriend, like blonde girl from before.

I left the club at 3, went to the airport, flew to London at 7, and now I’m here for a few days. I’m really happy with how much fun last night was and how much time we all spent talking to girls. Way more time in set than out of it.


-A girl is more attractive and that forces my anxiety brain to act up. That’s annoying.
-I might not be great at it but I am trying to lead sets in most situations.
-Magdalena is a fantastic club to game at.
-Girls like exciting guys who are having fun. How to unlock that state consistently?
-I’m just in the wee beginning stages of becoming awesome at this.