Nothing to write home about yesterday. I got into London sometime around 10 in the morning. Straight from the club last night at 3, what an experience. I talked to an Italian girl as we were waiting for the bus. Once the bus came we didn’t sit next to each other and I was glad. I’m not naturally a talker, and on 30 minutes of sleep I’m really not a talker. Once we get to downtown London I got to see the world’s biggest dildo.

At my hostel a few hours later I see this cute girl bartender. I’ve been drinking too much in Germany and I’m not having any alcohol in the UK. But I still want to talk to her. I feel the fear of doing so and that’s how I know I absolutely have to. And I do. And it was fine and afterwards I felt good about myself. That was just enough to keep the momentum up. If I didn’t do that one approach yesterday I would be feeling 50% less social today. Instead I feel great and I’m ready to go to Ministry of Sound tonight and have a blast! Goal for tonight: 6 approaches.


-Just doing one approach that your brain says no to can be enough to keep momentum
-Being social feels good.
-Fuck the fear.