I felt like a little kid yesterday. Ministry of Sound was awesome, it deserves whatever reputation it has. Four different areas, four DJs, four times the awesome. I get there and talk to a German girl. I try to move her. Nothing, but I tried. I dance with a huge group of people for fifteen minutes and we’re the center of the party. I try to dance with a cute Indian girl, she refuses. Later I try to dance with another girl, who also refuses. I don’t know whether I’ve gotten worse at dance floor approaches or fewer people dance together in Europe. Probably the former.

At some point an exuberant gentleman slams into me, turns around and says “Hello! I’m from Norway.” I think that’s funny as hell and I decide to open with it. Later, sitting on top of a subwoofer the size of a Harley Davidson, I turn to the cute girl next to me and say “Hey, I’m from Norway! I love this club.” Then the bass kicks back in and nobody can hear anything.

So let’s be honest. Last night I did about 11% of what I’m capable of doing on an amazing night. However, I’m still happy with myself because I’m out solo & sober in a foreign city and I’m keeping the momentum alive. Tonight I’m going to another club that made DJ Mag’s top 100. I’m knocking these clubs off the bucket list left and right and feeling swell.


-Momentum is hard to get back once it’s lost. It’s so much easier to just maintain it.
-Ministry of sound is nifty. Video coming soon.
-When I grab a girl’s hand to dance, grab firmly! No more limp dying Nemo fish shit.