I want to preface everything I’m about to say with some real honesty. These girls were not that attractive. If they walked past you on the sidewalk you wouldn’t turn around to look back. They literally stretch the idea of a 7 to it’s very breaking point. Full disclosure achieved, here we go.

I fucked a British girl last night, on her small bed, while making out with her friend lying right next to us. Had the friend been just a little bit more attractive I could have made it a threesome, but she just wasn’t good enough to get it. So it was a twosome with me and a girl from London. From beginning to end it was a straightforward pull and went something like this.

I go to XOYO club (which is super cool and definitely worth checking out). I walk in and go to coat check to stow my backpack. In front of me are two girls (who have no idea they’ll be seeing me very naked later on). I ask how much coat check is and we talk about how expensive everything is in London. Then they leave and I go off and meet some Norwegians. We talk for a few minutes and I see the same girls coming up. I grab them, tell them to meet my Norwegian friends, and they all start talking. I was totally fine with the Norwegian dudes taking these girls, I would have felt like I did some good in the world. But they bailed and left me the girls. I grabbed the cuter one and started leading.

Upstairs and dance. Too crowded, back downstairs. She wants me to kiss her but I’m holding off. I know she’s not going anywhere and so when we do kiss ten minutes later it’s nice. I’m dead sober and am the life of the party. That felt better than getting laid even. Being able to go out and have lots of energy and really nice state without alcohol. It’s funny, this has been unlocked in the last few weeks and I think drinking may have done it. It’s like by drinking beer and lording the German clubs and having so, so much fun, I learned the blueprint of how to do it. And now I can do it sober more often.

After two hours of dancing and making out we go to a new club which is also really cool. London has some sweet spots! The friend keeps asking me if I’m going back to their hotel room with them. I’m like yeah, sure, which is eventually what happens. And after some uncomfortableness we all end up on the bed with the lights out and I use both my condoms and the cuter British girl gets great sex and the friend gets her massive boobies played and made out with while I’m fucking the other girl and no sex.

So that was my night. I wouldn’t do it again. The girl I hooked up with was seriously pushing the border of what I consider doable. Not just her body but that she was always on her phone and kind of aloof and stupid. But that’s ok because it all helps me to have higher standards and screen girls more and be serious about it. A girl can tell when you’re screening because you heard that’s what you’re supposed to do, or when you’re screening because you’re seriously considering rejecting her.

Today is my last day in London and I don’t have anything planned. If nothing else I’ll do a bit of daygame in the park or go find tickets to some other EDM event. Going out is fun and the experiences are nuts.


-Carrying two condoms in the wallet instead of one is clutch beyond clutch. Also, I have to buy more condoms.
-It was a wonderful blast to be the life of the party dead sober.
-I can work and be logical then get into the club vibe. I like that.
-What happens in London, stays in London.
-Beig LOUD is awesome! When I yell in the club girls look and walk close to me and all that. It’s almost freaky.
-Merging that set yesterday was fun, I’d like to do that more.