Two things I forgot to mention from the other night. When the bouncer at XOYO was checking my wallet for drugs he found my condoms and looked at me. “I plan on getting laid” I said to him. Sure enough… The other thing is that I tried to pull the girl into the bathroom. I was nervous to do it, but that’s how you learn. Do something when it makes you nervous. I tried pulling her in twice but she wouldn’t go. I was trying for the guy’s bathroom though. Probably next time I would try for the girls.

Last night I went to two bars and between them I opened the only set of girls. Shit was dead. Then I opened some adorable Italian girls on the street. And that was my last night in London. Just a little something to keep the momentum going, nothing to write home about. Back to Berlin and I’ll be going out with the mates and we’re going to make something happen. Ten days left, let’s get pulls for everyone!

Also, new thought on moving a girl who’s sitting down. We chat for a few minutes, then on an emotional high point I introduce myself, shake her hand firmly, don’t let go and pull her up. Spin her then pull her to the dance floor. I think this has huge potential, I’m going to try it in the coming nights.


-Momentum makes everything so much easier. It’s why skipping even one night is a bad idea, no matter how tired or out of it you are.
-Approaches are so easy! When you feel like you’re offering value, opening a girl is a chance to make her night better.
-I’m hooked on going out. I’m looking forward to pulling even more and cuter girls as well.