Coming off the train Michael opened a blond girl. Then we talked to two German girls sitting on some steps for twenty minutes. Then we went to a bar and I opened two Danish girls. We danced for a while, then they got their bikes (naturally, they’re Danish) and they took me and Michael to the store and we got some beers. I had already tried to kiss my girl twice and she wasn’t having it. They were interesting to talk to but I thought it wasn’t really going anywhere. Then some guys from Whales showed up, they started out friendly but it quickly fell apart and they started taking jabs at me and trying to start a fight. Ostensibly because of my Americaness and the fact that my retarded countrymen are trying to elect a certified maniac. But who knows. That was uncomfortable and so we bounced.

Earlier we also opened three French girls, which was one French girl too many. The two cute ones were into it, but having that third wheel of a girl made the dynamic off and we didn’t handle it well. Normally we would have moved them quickly but it didn’t happen this time. The lesson: even if there are three just move them. Focus on the one I like, pay some attention to the friend, and move them.

After the Welsh incident we go to the club and Michael crushes it. Making out with a cute girl, being interesting, being the one in state. I felt good but everything was still a bit off. Girls were not responding to me positively. Still, I will say that I kept trying and trying, I didn’t give up. I knew they were not responding well but I stuck it out way longer than normal. Then the club closed at 4 or 5 and the night was over. Even though we didn’t pull we spent a lot more time in set than out of it, and hopefully we learned some lessons.


-My new mentality has shifted to: I’m out every single night trying to pull. My old mentality was more like, out to do X approaches or have fun. The new mentality is better.
-The two guys three girls dynamic, we didn’t handle that well yesterday. Have to work on it.
-I want to leave sets that are not going anywhere and find new girls who are more receptive. No point in staying in set for 45 minutes if nothing is going to happen.
-Approach and approach again. It’s the way to get laid.
-Don’t try to move girls immediately to Club Michael. First, move to the store or pizza place or whatever. Then move to the apartment.