Surprise, surprise. Last night we did hours of street game. It’s not even that we really wanted to, but the club we wanted to go to was closed, we got told to fuck off at two other clubs, and so it just kind happened that we wandered around looking for girls. After a few minutes of this I see two girls chatting and I walk up and throw out some sentences in English. They have no idea what I’m saying. They’re back of the class kids who partied instead of studying and the result is they don’t speak English. Wunderbar!

We stay with this set for nearly two hours and I’m forced to speak German with this girl, which is hilarious because my German at this point is very, very limited. But I made it work and between us we kept a conversation going for more than an hour. So as far as I’m concerned this was the best set in days because I got to practice my German and practice pickup. That’s a twofer!

As far as making it work with her, I probably should have gone for the kiss. I’m not sure why I didn’t. I think I was a afraid of ruining the set and scaring her off. I suppose the thought was it was better to keep her there and not push for anything more. Versus push for more, potentially get it, or potentially send her off into the night. Of course in hindsight I’d rather take that risk and just go for it. Better to push a set than let it fizzle.

Me and Michael both agree that these last two days have been weird. Twenty or thirty sets combined and a majority of them seem to be crumbling or going nowhere. We don’t fully understand what’s going wrong. We have ideas, but it’s hard to say for sure. Game is interesting and this period of weirdness is no exception. I ended the night last night, at 5am, by walking up to three Asian girls and yelling “Hey I just met you” in my boldest voice. On the street, sober. I feel like this is the type of thing I wouldn’t have done a few months ago. So progress! Even if it feels like I’m drowning in quicksand at the moment.


-Better to push for something more and take it too far, versus let a set fizzle.
-Street sets are fine, but I’d really like to go to a club at some point lol.
-22 straight days out. Tons and tons of sets. I might need to take a day or two just to reflect at some point.
-I’m going to be in Budapest for a few days in a week. I wonder what the clubs are like there?
-I don’t want to jinx this, but approaching is so, so easy right now.
-What do I need to do to take my game to the next level?
-I wonder, I’m kind of going all over right now. Should I be going out trying to practice a single skill? Is that a better way to improve?