Last night we did nothing but street game, and we talked to American, French, German, Polish and Swedish girls. Nothing went that bad, but nothing went that good either. From my point of view it was all kind of lukewarm. We would get into sets and they would start off pretty good but then slowly die down. Is it because we’re not leading enough, we’re not exciting enough, we’re not ??? I don’t know why sets were fizzling yesterday but it’s frustrating. You open, they seem into you, then five minutes later it’s like grasping at straws. It’s that subtle shift between leading the conversation and feeling great, versus waiting for her response and not feeling so good. Easy enough to consciously identify it, less easy to understand the causes and how to overcome it.

It’s so easy to do street game though. Girls are in smaller groups, there’s less people around so less social pressure. I have no idea why it used to seem like a big deal in New York to open sets in the street. Last night we¬†were out from 12 to 4 and we opened everything. Nothing happened but not for lack of trying. Tonight we’re going to a cool club and if nothing else I’ll get to enjoy some cool techno. Of course, I want to enjoy the cool techno, and a girl who is into me and down to do zany things that don’t require clothing.


-Opening on the street is easy. Perhaps not ideal to do nothing but street sets all night, but it’s still very possible.
-So many sets started to die after five minutes yesterday. Is it because we’re not leading? Lack of energy? What?
-Running out of things to say is not a problem. Generating attraction is the problem.
-Being loud is fantastic, I’m continuing to refine it.