I was a bit too physical with a Swiss girl last night. It was a really strong open but after 30 seconds she turned to my wingman and said “He’s so touchy feely!” So he told me to turn it down a notch, I did and it was a good set, we talked for ten or fifteen minutes. I got her email too and if I ever go to Zurich maybe I’ll meet up with her. I must have opened 6 or 8 girls on the dance floor yesterday. I was 100% in the zone. When that happens it’s so bloody easy to open.

The best open of the night happened randomly. Me and Michael were leaving the dance floor and walking outside. We were just walking past a girl and I grabbed her hand and said “let’s go outside, come on, come on!” And I pulled her outside. Then I put my arm around her, we walked around the outside area while I did a retarded narrative about how cool Berlin clubs are, then we made out. Total time with her, less than 2 minutes. It was really nifty and fun! It was a fantastic example of what good leading is and how you can use it to generate lots of attraction in a short amount of time.

In fact last night almost every set went awesome. Which is in a way uber frustrating. No small part of the reason why they all rocked was that I had maybe three or four beers in me. When that happens my game just skyrockets. But my question is this: why does beer allow one to have better game? What sticking points does it mask and why can I be more outgoing and free from the outcome? How the fuck can I game the same without beer as with beer? One thing I’ve noticed is that on beer I’m less invested. I’m centered more on myself and my own good emotions, versus getting validation from the girl. I can focus on this as I go out sober. Anything else?

Josh Waitzkin, one of my role models, said something that really struck me. If a person can avoid making the same mistake twice, they would be world class at what they’re doing in a very short amount of time. So that begs the question: what mistakes am I making over and over again in game? Here are a few ideas.

-I revert to asking questions even though I know it’s bad. I do this again, and again, and again. I know I should be making more statements, telling stories, talking about fucking gibberish, and yet I’ve asked 30 girls how old they are in the last 2 weeks. I don’t give a fuck! I’m really fucking good at guessing girl’s age anyways, I don’t need to ask them.
-I don’t fully commit to leading. It’s like I put 50% of myself into leading versus 100%. I should either give it my all to lead a girl, or leave the set and find another one.
-Pull the trigger on instant opens. See a girl, open immediately. Make it an automatic response where I don’t even have to think. I’ve actually gotten much, much better at this, but there’s still room for improvement.
-And I’m sure lots of other things. I have to keep consciously thinking about this.

All my issues in game aside, I’m doing a much better job of being loud, my posture is much better, my eye contact is good, sometimes great. And I’m self-amusing more. If there is one thing I want to change the most now, it’s remaining free from the outcome and asking less questions.


-Even though I consider beer game to be cheating, I still think it’s useful because it allows me to be at the next level for a while, see how it works, then figure out how the fuck to get to that level sober.
-European girls seem to be a bit less touchy-feely on average. American girls a bit more so.
-Game is a fucking blast when in the zone. And fun as hell when totally out of it too. I just like it in general.
-Actively focus on asking less questions.
-I wonder if I should make a list of my three biggest problems in game, then go out and say for 4 nights only I focus solely on fixing one problem?