Some notes I made in my phone last night at the club. “I don’t know that very high level community guys really deserve the seemingly godlike status that we give them. They’re just guys who have spent thousands of hours honing a craft. Much like a pro athlete or salsa dancer. Is the admiration stronger for a master of pickup, than the admiration a young, aspiring salsa dancer feels for his favorite dancer?” My point here being that what high level community guys do is awesome, but it’s not mystical. It’s just the result of thousands and thousands of hours talking to girls. It’s possible for anyone to reach that level if they’re dedicated enough.

Also, I wrote this and I’m sticking to it. “Focus on making statements for the rest of the time that I’m in Germany. I will not ask questions. Even if there is an awkward silence and I blow the fucking set. Don’t care. I will learn to make statements or I will learn to crawl up and die.” Perhaps harsh, but it’s necessary. I’ve been asking way too many questions which is causing me to over-invest which is causing sets to slump and die. Statements are not investments, she can take them or leave them. And when I make statements girls start to ask me questions, causing them to invest in me.

Case in point. Fourth or fifth set last night I walk up to a girl and start making statements. We talk for fifteen minutes, in which time I only asked three questions and heavily chastised myself for doing so. Eventually I pull her to the dance floor and we start making out. I think this is the first time that I’ve ever had enough chemistry to make out with girls two nights in a row. A big reason why it happened: I made lots and lots of statements. That’s why I’m going to keep practicing with this until it’s second nature. Pimps make statements, people who watch a lot of porn ask a lot of questions. Fuck that.


-With lots and lots of practice anyone can get good at this.
-Clubs in Berlin are fucking amazing, but we already know this.
-I haven’t slept with a German girl yet, but at least I’ve made out with one.
-Getting laid is a numbers game. The more sets you do, the more likely it is to happen.