Not much to report from last night. My wingman was sick and he couldn’t come out. So I decided to go to Suicide Circus and was pleasantly surprised when I actually got in. I’ve bitched numerous times already about how it’s hard to get into Berlin clubs when you’re alone.

The DJ was awesome, I danced till the first hints of sunrise and then went home. In that time I tried dancing with a girl, total fail. I also opened two girls and I’m sort of proud of this. I was sitting down writing in my phone and I see this two set standing three meters in front of me. My bitch brain says no way buddy, stay there. My real brain says: open them. So I put the phone away jump up and do it. Turns out they’re American, one is married, and the other is with a guy. But since we’re all American we have a bunch to talk about and it’s a good time. Eventually we go to the dance floor, they get lost and I never see them again. Sort of sad about that because I would have liked to invite them out tonight.

Tonight is my very last night in Berlin. I’m going to party till sunrise then take an 11 hr train ride to Budapest.


-I cherish those moments where my bitch brain is killed and I do what’s right.
-I’m really happy that I genuinely enjoy night clubs and love being there. I’ve met plenty of guys who don’t and nightgame isn’t as much fun for them.
-I’m extreme, in that I do things to extremes. I either drink a lot, or I stay sober for weeks and don’t touch alcohol. I either never go out, or I go out every night. Understanding my personality and how I work helps me to exploit the good and play down the bad.