My final night in Berlin was interesting. I said goodbye to Michael and then went out to the street to go to Magdelana. I had only been walking thirty seconds when two cute German girls came up and asked me something in German. I said I spoke English, they switched to English, and things took off. They were drinking, full of energy, and totally overwhelming. They insisted I go out with them, I said sure, and we took off. By now I’ve totally bought into their frame, but things immediately get weird. They walk up to a guy who maybe homeless and they invite him to go to the club with us. When he says he has no money, they ask if I’ll pay for him. By now I’m thinking things are off. These girls are too high energy, too crazy, too fucking wacky. But there’s a big bright side. We’re only 100 meters from Watergate, a club that I’ve really wanted to go to but could never get into.

We ditch Mr. Possibly Homeless, get past the bitchy looking door girl, and I pay 5 Euros for one of the chicks to get in. She’s like “Ok so I owe you 5 Euros, I got you.” Ten seconds later. “We spent all of our money to get in, will you buy us shots?” And that was that. End of the crazy chicks, but I was in the club. I Danced to techno for hours, did some approaches and kept my form sharp. Watched my last sunrise in Berlin then I grabbed my bags and caught the train to Budapest.

Best part of the night was this stunning girl who was glued to the club promoter all night. Blonde, skinny, radiating feminine energy and good vibes. She was amazing to see, and inspiring to think that one day I’ll be able to spend time with women like that. Brad said if you go out consistently you have a year of the sevens, a year of the eights, then you start to develop what it takes to attract nines and tens. That seems reasonable. Another eight months of sevens, I can handle it.


-I was noticeably better at expressing myself last night and being masculine.
-Crazy chicks are nuts to deal with.
-If I went out every night sober and alone, I would get better. But I would make less progress than if I go out with a wingman.
-Can you get sick from lack of sleep?