Time for a 30 day challenge in Berlin, let’s do it!

Last night my bitch brain was acting up. I was just in Denmark for a week where I didn’t talk to anyone. I read a lot, worked a lot, walked a lot, and meditated a lot. It was an indelible experience, but also it killed my momentum. So what’s the healthiest, sanest, most respectable way to overcome momentum issues and get into it quickly?

Drink beer!

You can drink on the street in Germany so I walked to the club with a beer. I’m standing outside finishing it when a guy and a girl from Belgium start talking to me. We head into the club together, get some beers and talk. But I get into the music, they’re obviously about 700% less comfortable being in a loud, wacky club than I am, and they leave without saying goodbye.

I’m just dancing drinking beer when a girl comes up and starts dancing right by me. This my thought: who the fuck does she think she is? I’m amazing, is she good enough for me? I decide to completely ignore her. In my experience 93% of the time when a girl is dancing by you in a club it’s just an accident. But that 7% of the time… She comes back, I ignore her again. She’s arguably the cutest girl in the club (out of like 5 girls, it’s dead) but I’m like fuck this, I’m awesome. Finally the third time she comes up, stands right by me, and starts immitating the exact dance move I’m doing. That’s pretty funny so I grab her hand, spin her, and we start dancing.

She’s Italian, and she thinks I’m a local German because I look like a boss and am totally comfortable in this wacky club that’s a bit intimidating. Then I make a mistake. Her friend is there, and I want to just say a few words to befriend her, but she latches on, the cute girls disappears like a drug dealer when the cops come, and I’m talking to the friend. She’s not even that bad looking, just sort of odd. She won’t look me in the eye and other things. We talk for twenty minutes, I’m doing an awesome job moving her, but finally she goes to look for her friend and I just leave.

So that was my first night in Berlin. One for the record books. A night of weird sets. Whatever, it’s a start, and I got out of the house even though my bitch brain was on high alert. Tonight I’ll try to get into some real clubs. Stay tuned..


-When befriending the friend, be careful not to get stuck with her.
-That vibe of screening a girl hardcore and asking “who the fuck is she” worked fantastic last night.
-Going out is fun, why oh why does my brain fight with me so hard on it sometimes?
-What would Tyler do?