About last night. I went to Berghain, which has a reputation for being one of the toughest clubs to get into in the world. I don’t want to brag, but it’s not bragging if it’s the truth. I’m waiting in line at Berghain for the very first time and I have a solid feeling that I’m going to get in. I’m dressed in black, feeling confident, and ready. The girls in front of me get in and now it’s my turn. I go up to the bouner and he looks at me. “Sind Sie allein?” he says (are you alone?). I say yeah and he nods. This is the worst part, just standing there being judged, but I take it well. A few seconds later with a smile and a quick gesture, this wizened bouncer points in the opposite direction of the entrance and says “sorry, not tonight” and waves me away. So I’ll have to try again tonight lol.

I went to the Kreuzberg bridge and looked at another club that’s supposed to be great, but it was still warming up (at almost 1am, you crazy slut Berlin) and so after a nice man offered me some pot and cocaine, I left and went to the tourist club. It was a shit show, kind of like the 18+ bar in college. Thankfully they had one area with techno and the DJ was great.

Didn’t want to approach, bitch brain, blah blah blah. So I pick out an 8, grab her hand, spin her, she smiles, looks at me, and tells me to leave her alone.

Go back to the techno area feeling good about myself. There’s a 9 in there who has turned down 6 guys in a row asking her to dance. They’re all idiots. You don’t ask a girl to dance, you just dance with her. I grab her hand, spin her, and we start dancing. We look at each other and just laugh. I know she has a boyfriend who she’s been talking to every five minutes, she knows I know, but we dance some anyways. It’s really fun and it feels good because all these other guys have no idea how to dance with a girl (just like me 2 months ago) but it’s definitely a skill to be learned.

That’s it though. I dance some more and go home. I wish I had a wingman, although I may end up doing this whole 30 day challenge alone. I’m setting a rule for myself. One more girl every night. First night was one, last night was two, that means tonight I have to open a minimum of three sets. Easy, I just have to set my mind to it. I’ll try to get into Berghain again, and if I get rejected I’ll go to that other club I should have gone to last night.


-So many chodes at the club last night. I say, as if I’m some pimp god who didn’t just spend 98% of his time dancing alone.
-The nightlife scene in Berlin is sick. It makes NYC look like amateur hour.
-How many times will I have to go to Berghain, and get rejected, before they let me in? Anything under 6 rejections and I won’t even care.
-Building momentum. Give me a week or two and I’ll be back to crushing it.
-Where are the guy who like night game in Berlin?