Last night I got over the negative emotions that have been plaguing me for he last two nights and everything went much better. I met up with Patrick and we tried to get into Berghain. Rejected. That’s three times in a row I haven’t gotten into this club. It’s going to happen though, and it will be glorious when I do finally make it.

So we go to some random bar in a back alley, there’s literally two girls in the whole thing and I open them. They’re cute and British (didn’t even know those two words could go in the same sentence) and we talk for a while. At some point we decide to find a new bar, and it’s obvious that the girl I was talking to isn’t attracted to me in any kind of way. What was the problem? I didn’t lead! Failure to lead is FAILURE.

We get to the new bar and I just leave the British girl set, which had gotten even more British because we picked up two more English blokes on the street. Patrick joins me and he opens a two set. They actually end up being into me though because they’re from New York, and they’re Russian. So we get to speak about Brooklyn, and I use my Russian which is always a thrill. The short story is that one of the women, she’s like 35 is really into me. Really, really into me. I’m down with that, except for one thing. She’s a smoker and she has the face of cancer. It’s sad really, she would be an attractive women if it weren’t for that. But as she’s trying to get me to kiss her all I can see are these smoking wrinkles and how bad smoking has made her look.

I refuse to kiss her, we dance a lot, then the set dies. My Russian lady is gone. I dance till almost 5am then go home. On a Sunday night. The Berlin club scene is amazing. I’d definitely like to live here for a year so that I could build a social circle and find out about underground clubs and figure out how to get into these clubs with their sick door policy and all that. Thinking a year or two down the line I may definitely do this.


-Having a wingman makes me feel 683% better.
-I have pretty low standards for the women I’d share my dick with, but cancer face from cigarettes, there’s just something about it that there’s no way I’m kissing.
-Rebounding from massive negative emotions is a joy because I appreciate the good so much more.
-I’m going to buy some used clothes so I look like a degenerate so I can get into Berghain, the most exclusive club in Berlin. Life is funny.
-I’ve got my Airbnb flat to myself for a week, I have to bring home a girl! That means doing way more sets…