Lessons from yesterday. I meet up with my wingman, we go to the club and I open everything in sight right away. Four or five sets. Mostly they go poorly, but I don’t care. I’m in state and feeling good. Then I’m walking and I see a blonde girl standing there alone. I decide to approach her, I’m walking up, and then some retarded part of my brain says “She’s with a guy, you’ll get rejected” or some equally stupid thing. I veer off from approaching, and the rest of my night cascades down into blah. I can pinpoint the exact moment my night started going bad. That approach. If I had done it who knows what would have happened, but I may have rescued the night

Big lesson there, just do the approach! The consequences of not doing it are a lot more than of doing it.

Also, later on I see two cute girls dancing. I want to dance with them but they’re in a really awkward spot about ten feet away. I think hey, brilliant idea, I’ll sort of dance over to them over the course of 2 or 3 minutes then sort of naturally open them. This is the dumbest idea anyone in game has ever had in the history of people learning to be pimps. Even when I get close enough to open I have no masculine drive, I have no inertia, and I sort of stand there as if I’ve had a lobotomy. Lesson: just find a way to make the approach work. Go in, walk up bold and confident, and open. Don’t try some sneaky, suave crap. That’s bullshit and it doesn’t work.

Those were the two big lessons from last night. Don’t veer off course from the approach, and don’t try stupid fucking dance floor approaches that don’t work. Today I’m going to buy some new clothes that will hopefully help me get into Berghain this weekend.


-Really solid start to my night, really spectacular failure for the end of the night. Keep the momentum!
-Last night around 2:30, of the 25 or 30 guys in the club I counted 1, maybe 2, with real, actual game. There isn’t a lot of competition at the top.
-Keeping momentum and positive vibes till the end of the night is absolutely crucial for me.
-Having a wingman who doesn’t approach brings me down a bit. We’re both supposed to contribute to the vibe, but if he doesn’t it sort of grinds things to a halt.
-Berlin is a very cool city to game in.
-My posture in the club is solid, I’ve stopped pecking and doing other things that will never help me to get laid.