Last night was so much fun! Berlin has amazing clubs that shame the posh, stupid crap we have in New York. In Berlin people go to the clubs to enjoy the music and party. In New York, not so much. There’s very little DJ love. At any rate though New York, in my opinion, is better for learning game. So I’m glad that I live there.

I opened my first set yesterday by saying “Ich glaube das du bist sehr süß” which I believe is grammatically incorrect, (Ich glaube das du sehr süß bist?)  but what to do. She smiled but hardly said a word when I started talking. Later, after dancing for a while, I open two girls sitting outside and we end up talking for about half an hour. It was cool, although the poor girl just wanted to speak in German I think and I was forcing her to speak in English the whole time.

At any rate, that was the night. 2 sets I opened. I stayed at the club till 6am and walked home with the morning rush hour. Even though I left at 6, the club was stll going till 10am. The madness of Berlin is real. Looking forward to this weekend and trying to get into Berghain again.


-My voice projection is way, way better than when I started going out this summer.
-Berlin is hedonistic. New York is putting the effort in to get better at game.
-So far this 30 day challenge is turning out to be nothing like I expected. I’ll keep at it though, more approaches coming soon.