Last night me and my wingman both pulled. Here are some interesting facts about that:

-He’s done 3 approaches in his life, which means he now has the best approach to pull record of anyone ever
-First time I’ve ever pulled from a street set
-First time both me and my wingman have pulled
-First time I pulled the first set of the night

It goes like this. I met up with Michael and discovered that he has an awesome flat right in the club district. It’s huge, and it’s got a second bedroom which comes in useful later. We talk a bit, grab a beer from the fridge and head out. Five minutes later we’re walking on the bridge and I hear two girls speaking English. I turn around and say “Let me guess, you’re British?” Turns out one is Brazilian and one is from New Zealand but they’re amused. I immediately start talking to the blond girl from New Zealand, and Michael takes the spicy Brazilian who’s very attractive!

They want to go to the tourist club and I tell them to come with us to the cool club. They do, and we dance. After a while Michael is making out with his girl but I haven’t kissed mine yet. I feel like she’s sort of reserved and I don’t want to blow it by pushing it too hard (a lesson I’ve learned the hard way many, many times). We do dance a lot and have a good time. Lots of push pull, which I’m not consciously thinking about, I’m just doing. Then it’s time for the after party at Club Michael. We get some beers along the way and take the short walk to his place.

Standing outside I rather randomly decide it’s time, I grab my girl and pull her in and we start making out. Once everyone is upstairs the “afterparty” last about one song before Michael pulls his girl to the bedroom, I do the same, and I use both condoms that I keep in my wallet. It was the best one night stand sex I’ve had yet, she was great. We snuggle and talk about how cool Berlin is. Then Michael calls her a taxi and I go back to the club and dance till sunrise. What a night! Looking forward to more “after parties” at Club Michael.


-This is a big reason why I go out, it’s really fun when this happens! Besides just the sex it’s lots of good emotions and it’s all very positive.
-Good one night stand sex is great, because it doesn’t always work out that way.
-Guys who get really into self development, and then start doing approaches tend to do awesome.
-Berlin is the shit!