I was skeptical about going out last night but decided to do it anyways. 90% of the night I was solo. Still managed to open a bunch of sets. I didn’t have it though. Few conversations lasted long. Two highlights. I was talking to a girl and her guy friend came in. I watched them talk for a minute or two, then I said to her,

So you guys are friends from high school huh.”

She took a step back and gave me the creep face, how the fuck do you know that, are you stalking me? I had to think about it myself, how I knew. Just something about the vibe, how they were interacting. It was some Jedi shit and as soon as I broke down why I made that assumption she stopped thinking I was a stalker and started playing with her hair and giving me puppy eyes.

Later, end of the night, heading home. In a fairly unhelpful mood I see a stunner across the street. Six feet tall, divine face and that silky translucent hair that beautiful girls have. Normally I would not even consider this, given my mood. But fuck it, I walk across the street and talk to her. It lasts twenty seconds before she runs off. I leave feeling slightly better about the night.


*That set with the girl and her high school buddy, I handled it awkwardly at the end. I wanted to approach another girl. Instead of saying,

It’s been great talking to you guys, enjoy your evening!”

I did this fucking weird sauce, kind of slink away with odd body language. Totally bullshit. Next time I just say goodbye instead of slinking off like a criminal.

*I had been talking to a girl for a while, she liked me but her friends were being bitches. They pulled her away and left me high and dry. Later on I saw her standing by herself and reapproached. We started talking, she was giving me all the signs for the makeout but I never did it because I was too cognizant of the friends standing five feet away, staring at us. I don’t know what I was thinking, maybe that if I tried to kiss her the friends would freak out or something, and so I didn’t go for it. Next time, forget the friends, I go for the kiss. They can react however the fuck they want to, I’ll deal with it.