At 2 this afternoon my wingman had a girl over from Tinder and they fucked after 20 minutes. She left thirty minutes after the dick sucking stopped and then a cute Ukrainian girl came over. 45 minutes later they were hooking up. Incredible, I’ve never seen anyone sleep with two women in the same day. Obviously it happens, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it.

I feel shitty about myself and I’m glad.

It’s good that I feel shitty about myself because it’s an indicator I need to take more action. My roommate has more game than me and he’s slept with 70 something girls, but we’re still in the same ballpark, he’s not a pickup god. The reason that he’s slaying it right now is because he’s hustled harder. He’s approached more sets and put more effort into perfecting his text game. I love being around him because he’s a constant reminder to take more action and go to the next level.

Today I talked to two women, both of them gorgeous. The first one I asked where the ATM was and then me and my friend followed her there. I hardly talked to her, I regret that. The second woman I asked where the grocery store was. She was a stunning example of the female figure. Impeccable in so many ways. I left after twenty seconds, didn’t try to close.

If there is one takeaway from these two sets it’s that I don’t like doing the situational opener and then transitioning to something more direct. I much prefer to do a more direct open that makes it immediately clear what I’m about.